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Would you like to dance like a pro? Private lessons are a great way of learning more about the technique and styling to really make your dancing come alive!

Would you like to dance like a pro? Then private lessons are a great way of learning more about the technique and styling to really make your dancing come alive! Anyone can make their dancing look amazing, it is all about learning the correct technique and way of moving.

The one-on-one attention of a private lesson is a great way to rapidly improve your dancing without the restriction of learning in a group class with students of varying abilities.  Our instructors tailor dance lessons to your needs and the focus is 100% on you.

There are many reasons you may want to take private lessons.

Some students use private lessons to compliment group classes or examination courses. Others just use private lessons occasionally, as a way of polishing up routines before examination day or to catch up on classes they have missed.

Many husband and wife couples also have regular private lessons to learn to dance together as a fun activity they can share.

The thrill of DanceSport competitions attracts other couples to use private lessons to improve their dancing quickly.


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How many private lessons do I need?

The number of lessons you need really depends on what you want to achieve.  Many students have regular weekly private lessons of one, and sometimes even two hours. Other students may do two, or even three, one hour private lessons a week to complement their group classes, medal courses, etc.

What if I don't have a partner?

That's OK.  Our instructors will dance with you during the lesson to ensure you understand the routines and techniques you are learning.

Can I share a lesson with a small group of people?

You can share your lesson with up to 9 other people.  The overall price increases the more students there are but this is a great option to reduce costs.

How much does it cost?

Our Private Lessons are $80.00 per hour or $50.00 for half an hour for a couple or single student.  (Other pricing options apply for more than 2 students and children under 18.  Inquire at the studio for details)


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