Kids Dance Classes

There is nothing more special than seeing the joy on a child's face as they master the skill of dancing. Introduce your child to the wonderful world of dancing

There is nothing more special than seeing the joy on a child's face as they master the skill of dancing. 

See your child develop confidence and skilled communication through dancing and learning in a group environment.

Our Children's dance classes introduce children to dancing in a fun and caring environment while also teaching conduct and respect behaviour that will stay with them into their adult life.

We begin to teach children correct dance technique across the multiple dance styles and begin to develop teamwork including skill of movement with a partner as required.  We ensure that every child is having fun using group routines and progressive dances.

As a parent, you also get to see what we do while you sit back and relax with a cup of tea or coffee on us.

We offer "Pay As You Go" casual rates for our children's social classes so you can choose for your child not to be locked into a term of dancing.  Just purchase a casual class pass on-line and bring your child along to the social class of your choice.


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In our Children's Class we teach:

  • Ballroom (Waltz, Foxtrot, Quickstep, Tango, Vienesse Waltz)

  • Latin American (Cha Cha, Rumba, Samba and Paso Doble)

  • New Vogue dances (such as Merrilyn, Evening Three Step, Gipsy Tap, Tangoette, etc.)

  • Hip Hop

  • Jazz Ballet

  • Respect for the teacher/student relationship

  • Respect for the partnership relationship

 What if my Child doesn't want to join in?

We assess the mood of each child before and during every class and understand that sometimes children have the occasional bad day.  We never force any child to participate, rather we find that a small amount of encouragement combined with the correct structure, discipline and fun usually has children begging to return every week. If a child really does not want to dance we waive the lesson fee.

 What should my Child wear?

Neat casual dress is all that is required. Shoes should be securely attached to the feet, no thongs or loose sandles, and shouldn't provide too much grip. For example, sneakers with rubber soles often have too much grip to allow for spins and so on. As your child progresses, a proper pair of dancing shoes are a good investment.

How much does it cost?

Our Children's classes are just $15.00 for a 1 hour class.

Want a discount?

Join the iDance Social dancing program for a term and get unlimited Social classes for the term for just $12 per week.  Enquire at the studio for more information.



Introduce your child to the wonderful world of dancing? Click here now.

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