Come Dance With Me Kids

The perfect introduction to dance for children aged 2 – 5

One of the most critical stages for a child’s development is from birth to 5 years and dancing for preschool aged children offers many benefits.  Check out this informative article.

Our Come Dance With Me Kids program has been designed to introduce children to the joy of dance while developing their natural rhythm, coordination and balance.

Your child will begin to learn the basic fundamentals of dance technique to their favourite preschool songs in a half an hour class with some fun games to keep them engaged.

Kids Dancer

Need More Information?

In our Come Dance With Me Kids classes we introduce the following dance concepts:

  • Rhythm and movement
  • Jazz Ballet
  • Classical Ballet
  • Hip Hop

What if my Child doesn’t want to join in?

We assess the mood of each child before and during every class and understand that sometimes children have the occasional bad day. We never force any child to participate, rather we find that a small amount of encouragement combined with the correct structure, discipline and fun usually has children begging to return every week. If a child really does not want to dance we waive the lesson fee.

What should my child wear?

We encourage creativity and expression in our come dance with me classes so your child can wear whatever they feel comfortable in (costumes etc).  Shoes should be closed toe and well fitted.  As your child progresses, a proper pair of dancing shoes are a good investment.

How much does it cost?

The casual rate for our Come Dance With Me classes are $10.00 for a 30 minute class.