Rock n Roll

Short Courses

Every couple of terms we like to offer some variety and teach something a little bit different.  Whether it be Rock N Roll, Hip Hop, Bollywood or American Smooth our short courses offer students a taste of dancing in all of its forms.

Our latest Rock N Roll course was hugely popular as it is one of the most popular styles in the world.

Our instructors thoroughly research each style they are teaching during the short course or we bring in the very best specialist instructors to ensure that you receive the most authentic experience possible.

At the end of each course we try to arrange an outing for students where you get the chance to practice all that you have learned.


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Need More Information?

In our Short Courses we sometimes teach the following styles:

  • Rock N Roll
  • Swing
  • Street Latin
  • American Smooth
  • Jazz

I have never danced before!

That's OK.  Our Short Courses are designed to give students a taste of other styles of dance.  In most cases even experienced dancers are learning something new.

What should I wear?

Neat casual dress is all that is required. Shoes should be securely attached to the feet, no thongs or loose sandles, and shouldn't provide too much grip. For example, sneakers with rubber soles often have too much grip to allow for spins and so on. As you progress, a proper pair of dancing shoes are a good investment.

How much does it cost?

Our Short Courses are part of our dance class program so are only $25.00 for a 60 or 90 minute class.

Want a discount?

Pay for your dance classes via direct debit and get a discount.  The more classes you choose per week the bigger the discount per class.  Enquire at the studio for more information.


Our Short Courses are a great way to learn something new. Click here now!