Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots Rhythm and Movement

Studies have shown that learning to dance at an early age assists with children's brain development and social skills.

Our Tiny Tots Rhythm and Movement class has been designed in consultation with Early Learning Specialists and uses popular childrens songs and games to get your little one moving to the beat.

As a parent, you also get to see what we do while you sit back and relax with a cup of tea or coffee on us.  Or, if you want you can join in with your child for some quality bonding time that your child will remember for years to come.

We offer "Pay As You Go" casual rates so you can choose to not be locked into a contract.  Just book into the class of your choice and pay on-line.

Give your child the very best start in life through music, rhythm and dance!  We know that your child will benefit from the experence.


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In our Tiny Tots Rhythm and Movement Classes we teach:

  • Movement to basic rhythms
  • Co-ordination between left and right hands and feet.
  • Respect for the teacher/student relationship
  • Respect for other students
  • Simple sequence dances

What if my Child doesn't want to join in?

We assess the mood of each child before and during every class and understand that sometimes little ones have the occasional bad day.  We do not force any child to participate, rather we find that they will join in when they see other students getting involved and when given a small amount of encouragement.  If a child really does not want to dance we waive the lesson fee.

What should my Child wear?

Our tiny tots class is a fun class and we encourage the individuality of each student.  We are happy to see children in bright clothing, costumes etc.  As long as they can move in what they have on they can dance.

How much does it cost?

Our Tiny Tots classes are $10.00 for a 45 minute class.


Want a discount?

Pay for your dance classes via direct debit and get a discount.  A minimum 4 week agreement and classes are just $7.00.  Enquire at the studio for more information.



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