Musical Theatre

Learn about stage performing, vocalisation and performance dancing.

Lots of kids want to be famous either on stage or on the big screen.  But fame does not come easily!  It takes dedication and hard work.

Our Musical Theatre class introduces children to various aspects of musical performance for stage and screen.  Students learn correct stage terminology, presentation, vocalisation and performance dance styles.   

At iDance our aim is to provide the very best quality instruction and technique for this style of dance ensuring all students understand both the physical movement and correct technique in every class. Our fully trained and creative instructors guide every student through their dancing journey from beginners to advanced.

Why not come along and give it a try? The hardest thing is walking in the door. What have you got to lose?

Need More Information?

Do you run classes for both Adults and Kids?

Our Musical Theatre class caters for children and teenagers.  If you would like information about Adult Theatre or Acting classes inquire at the studio.

What if my Child doesn’t want to join in?

We assess the mood of each child before and during every class and understand that sometimes children have the occasional bad day. We never force any child to participate, rather we find that a small amount of encouragement combined with the correct structure, discipline and fun usually has children begging to return every week. If a child really does not want to dance we waive the lesson fee.

What should my Child wear?

Neat casual dress is all that is required. Shoes should be securely attached to the feet, no thongs or loose sandals, and shouldn’t provide too much grip. For example, sneakers with rubber soles often have too much grip to allow for spins and so on. As your child progresses, a proper pair of dancing shoes are a good investment.

How much does it cost?

The casual rate for our Musical Theatre classes are $20.00 for kids for a 50 minute class.

Want a discount?

Join the iDance Kids dancing program and get unlimited kids classes for just $25 per week.  The more classes you choose per week the bigger the discount per class. Click below to purchase an Kids Membership.