Wedding Dance Lessons

Just the rhythm of “your song” and the feel of your partner in your arms

You walk onto the dance floor feeling relaxed, just the rhythm of “your song” and the feel of your partner in your arms. But more importantly, you are going to remember your Wedding Dance Lessons long after your wedding.
Simple or spectacular, we can help create a memorable dance just for the both of you on your special day.
We will choreograph a beautiful routine to your choice of music that will suit your tastes, in your time frame and to your budget.
Learning to dance together is a great experience and will give you the confidence to really enjoy your special day.

Need More Information?

We want to ensure that your first dance as a married couple is special:

We initially invite you and your partner to the Studio for a FREE ½ hour consultation, then our instructor choreographs a routine specifically for your special day in line with the package you choose.

We have never danced before?

You don’t need to worry. This is what our patient and understanding instructors do best. Not only will we teach you how to dance, we will create choreography that is both beautiful and easy to do . You and your wedding guests will be amazed.

Can you teach my bridal party and parents?

Of course we can. We offer special lesson pricing for bridal couples, their families and the bridal party depending on which option you choose. You might want your bridal party to perform a special fun routine and don’t forget the all important “Father/Daughter” dance.

How much does it cost?